do you got nick name and why are you called by that name

United States
March 26, 2007 8:18am CST
hey folks do you got nick name and why are you called by that name
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@Lifeless (2638)
• India
29 Nov 07
I have a very short name and people tend to call me by that name only.. And I am not at all worried abt that I don't have a nickname.. Its good for me.. Coz people tend to keep awkward names as nicknames which u smtimes don't like.. So, its better that I am called by my name only.. Its Amit...
@Shaun72 (15968)
• Palatka, Florida
26 Mar 07
well Shaun I guess because it is easier to say then Shaunee which is my name.
@liranlgo (5748)
• Israel
26 Mar 07
yes i have got a few nicknames: my father calles me : lirush my x calles me the same way..he just loved my father.. my mother calles me by my name and my friend calles me: lirani,lir and mami which as i learned means that they like me..with no special meaning..:)
@stacyv81 (5904)
• United States
26 Mar 07
very sad, but I have never had a nickname, People just call me by my name. Dont know why, but I just never had one.
• Philippines
26 Mar 07
My first name is Cheryl Anne.. Family and close friends call me Cheche.. When I was in high school, I have another classmate whose name was also Cheryl.. so what we did was combine the 1st syllables of our first and last names to create a nickname that would make a bit of a difference instead of them calling us both Cheryl.. I became CheSab and she was CheSan.. At work, CheSab was a bit of a mouthful for my colleagues, they shortened it further into Ches.. So if people call me Cheche, they are either a relative or a close friend of mine.. If I'm called CheSab, then that's a high school or college friend.. If I'm called Ches, that person is someone from work or a new friend or acquaintance.. And of course, I'm SWEETY to my husband..