Help please - Most Urgent.

March 26, 2007 10:25am CST
I am a student, and my family's financial condition is not that good that they can support all of my expenses, althought they try their level best. I have one more year to complete my degree. I am doing course through correspondense, and so I don't have to go to college, and I study at home, and spend most of my time in studies. But, I wish I could really support my family financially. I study for about 6 hours daily, and i sleep for 6 more hours, rest of the time i am free, and i have an internet connection. So, I can manage 8-10 hours daily online. I wanted to know if somebody can devote ard 8-10 hours daily, and he is ready to work hard, can he earn good enough online. I want all of you to suggest me some ways, so that I can best utilize my internet hours. PLEASE NOTE THAT : 1. I am Indian, so only advice me things in which my country qualifies for participation. 2. I can not invest anything, so please advice me free to join site. All I can invest is my hard work, and dedication. So, Please tell me all the possible ways of making money online. Can someone earn ard 500-600 $, if he works hard for 8-10 hrs daily - Without investment of money, and for the offers that are valid for India. (500-600$ will be good enough for me, when it gets converted in Indian curency) Please advice. Its very urgent. Thanks in advance.
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