Why there is so big generation gap?? found much with few decade old peoples

Why is there so big generation gap?? - Why are the parenst always facing the diraction opposite to what the child is following? Why do the parents expect to impose their own decisions on the family?? Why do they expect to not give anthing and take everything??Why the child are always blamed to break the family? And are often callled to be in control of their wives? Wht are they not looking themseleves and realise that it is thay who are controlled by their grwing desires to avails everting what they were not able to in their own capabilities??
March 26, 2007 12:54pm CST
Why is there so much of generation gap. Why do the peoples retired around a decade ago is not able to cope up with todays demands in which their childs need to struggle and also expect the full attention to them all the time. Why are they not understanding the demand of the fast world today and often compare todays job with their old govenrment jobs? Why are they not willing to contribute even their least of the time and effort and expect the full time contibution from the kids with effort/time/money towards them. Wht the earlier love abd care is substitued by the selfish thought of their own comforts only??
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