How do u want your kids to remember you?

@bongmix (267)
March 26, 2007 2:24pm CST
we have our own way of loving our children. What do you want them to remember about you?
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@Ravenladyj (22937)
• United States
28 Mar 07
I would like for my kids to remember me as the mom who loved the world LOL the cool mom, fun mom, compassionate mom, protective mom, the mom who really truly cared, the annoying mom, the pain in the a$$ mom, the great cook mom, the make the owies go away mom and so on....All the things I am to them now (according to them btw) is how I'd like them to remember me
@bongmix (267)
• Philippines
1 Apr 07
@PunkyMcPunk (1477)
• Canada
26 Mar 07
I want my son to remember me as a friend. Someone he could always talk to. A shoulder that was always there to cry on. A hug that was always ready to be given. I want to be a cool mom but not the embarrassing mom that tries to hard to be hip and ends up being pathetic. I want him to remember me and smile because of all of the good times we had, the laughs, the travels, the fun. I want to be an active part of his life, all the way through it. I want to be a well of wisedom, an understanding ear. I want him to be proud that I am his mom. Because I am proud to be his mom. I love him so much and want so much for him.
@bongmix (267)
• Philippines
27 Mar 07
i agree!! we should let our children know that we, parents are also their friend. :)
• Philippines
3 Apr 07
I want my children to remember me as a just and loving dad. That I've done all the best I could to be a good provider; and they were rebuked not because I was angry, but because I love them and don't want them to grow up and live a crooked life. Lastly, I want my children to remember me as a good friend.