How long can you wait for your love?

@shezah (47)
March 26, 2007 3:27pm CST
How long can you wait for your love when there is no possibility of returning him/her?
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@lifetalk (681)
• Pakistan
26 Mar 07
Well, if the gal loves me, and i love her too, just as much with a true heart, then i can wait for eternity, but if i find that the gal has found and fallen for some other guy, then my wait ends exactly on the time i find it out. It's all about sincerety and feelings in love. About being truthful, and honest, about doing and living up to what they promised. Because if they truly love you, you'll meet, even if they are at a place, or they have no possibility of ever returning back!
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@deejlux (524)
• Italy
26 Mar 07
I totally agree with this. Now i trust in her...and it's the trust the only thing that can give me an hope of a future togheter.
• India
31 Mar 07
if you fall in love,emmidiate express it. as soon as possible inform to him/her. do not wait.if wait and after a long time you tell him/her and getting nothing that will bring a bad result to you . you can wait after making a good relation with ideal trust . wait for him/her who loves you very much not for him/her whome you love. if you know it is not possible to get him/her love please change the track of your love.because it is meaningless to wait and to waste your face to face,if it brings good result then there will not be any problem and if not good result then on the spot you can change yourself and can control yourself.
@ailegal (49)
• India
27 Mar 07
It depends. We must think whether the man or the woman, for whom I'll be waiting is worthy of it. Love is no one way traffic. It must be reciprocated. Crush, togetherness, physical appearence or all these personal traits of initial charms should not be substituted for love. Love is something else for which any, I repeat any, sacrifice is not sufficient. I love a girl deeply and I believe in my mind that she also loves me in the same degree. But when it comes to the finalisation of the relation or materialising of the relation in nuptial tie, she just don't react or drop the issue on some pretext or other. Is she worthy of waiting. I'll say nay...never! If it turns out that there is a deep love, which has turned the both in two bodies but one soul and some external conditions which are not in their control are hindering their union or binding of the nuptial tie, I would suggest that he or she is worthy of waiting till the eternity. Sometimes it happens some clever boy impresses the girl is such a way that she simply go nuts. Spend a lot of time together, gather sweet memoirs, he builds castle for her (in the air) and when she starts thinking that all will be going well till the end, the bolt from the blue strikes. He just dump her and run after someone else. I think that they are not worthy for waiting even a second.
• United States
27 Mar 07
In 1988 I was looking through the high school year book to see who would be entering high school the following month. I came across this picture of the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. I fell in love with her the moment i saw her the following month. I could not speak to her ( I had a hard time speaking to girls back then) but i would send notes to her professing my love. She was two years younger than me. But I loved her and she loved me. Her parents were the first problem. I am not from a wealthy family. My father is a farmer and my mother is a schoolteacher. Her family was very well off, oil money mostly. So it became harder and harder to get close to her or sometimes even see her. My graduation came, I had secetly send her an invitation but I did not see her in the line of well-wishers that were greeting us graduates. Her best friend told me that her parents refused to let her attend. So here I was. I went off to the military and I waited for her. I did attend her graduation from high school, much to her parent's dismay. After that, I saw her only rarely. It has now been 15 years. I have since married and moved away. But i still think about her sometimes, wondering how she is and where she is now. I guess I am still waiting. Maybe I always will be