Where do we go when we die?

@AdamMax (260)
United States
March 26, 2007 6:13pm CST
Where do we go when we die? Is there a heaven? a Pergatory? A Hell? Or do we just cease to exist. Is it possible that are reicarnated and come back here to start all over again?
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26 Mar 07
I believe that those who die in Christ or knowing God will go right to Heaven. Those who do not will wait until judgment day when the Gospel will be known to all. They may or may not go to Heaven, it's between them and God.
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@MrSaleh87 (341)
• Egypt
26 Mar 07
I Say That Before and ill say it's again There IS a Heaven And Hell and that's back to ur believes at least are ya Believe In Allah Are Ya Do As his Phropet Say... Are Ya Praying... Are ya doing all of wat ya should to do in ur life which allh tell ya to do If ya do ya can go to the heaven if ya didn't do it ya can go to The Devil That's a simple to Kid Ppl Wake Up Ya say to ur child if ya got a highmarks ya will spend ur holydays in anytown ya wanna to go If ya didn't do that ill not give ya moeny and no travel to anything I Dunno wat to say more than that.... If ya ask Kid he will tell ya that every thing ya will do ya will get result i Hope Ya Understand wat I mean about that