The better leader of America

United States
March 26, 2007 6:45pm CST
If you have to vote between Bush and Clinton whom would you chose ? The factors to chose should be based on the following: 1. Foreign policies 2.Internal policies 3.Vision 4.Contribution 5.Overall growth of economy Do not go by what they are personally. We need to see them as leaders and not as a person. The scams and scandals would not hamper ones leadership skills. What they have done to their nation is most important of all. Consider 2 points on each strength and give a total poitn per person. Let us see who is popular and an effcient leader. I would give Bush - 6 and Clinton -8
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@limalimon (638)
• Mexico
27 Mar 07
I´m mexican, so my point of view is external, but I think that clinton did a lot of things for your country. the internal policies has a lot of vision and he could gave a stability and good grow. his foreign policies was better than bush, who only want war and promote the violence like a tool to resolve the problems. bush 4 clinton 8