Letting Go

March 26, 2007 8:55pm CST
LOVE IS NOT JEALOUS, IT IS NOT SELFISH. THats what the bible says. Before i thought it is ridiculous. How can you love some one if you will not get jealous? Some says getting jealous means being selfish. Then i was jealous and selfish before. I experienced the one sided love. I love this guy but i know he loves me only as his friend. We spent almost every single day before. Share our interest, talks alot of things, do things that we both love to do. Honestly i was hoping that one day he will tell me he loves me, not only as his friend but more than his friend. I became jealous, selfish and angry. One day i let that feeling go, couse i realize you cant force a thing that will never happen. The day i decide to let go of him, i feel so good, and i can say i became a better person. Everything has a purpose i believe to that. How about you guys? do you have an experience of letting go someone?
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@aprilsong (1886)
• China
27 Mar 07
yes,it is somewhat ridiculous,but i have read many news about the jealous loves led to tragedies.i think of course if you love someone,you sure will get jealous and sometimes selfish,but if your loved one doesn't love you at all,you'd better let him go.by letting him go,you can still get him friendship,forcing him to be with you can only let him hate you,am i right?