Lying to a hundred fifty people everyday...

March 26, 2007 8:58pm CST
im a manager, and im in charge of a particular factory in china. a few weeks ago, top management decided to relocate to another factory meaning we will have to shut down the place and most of my current employees will loose their jobs. i was asked not to divulge the information until the last possible momment which sounds easy but not really. people talk and many of us know that rumors spread like wild fire... so word got around that the factory might be closing down... so morale is at an all time low. many have asked me if the rumors were true but i just told them that there were no such news or that we havent received any memos from the top management so they dont need to worry. i have to lie to these people everyday and it's really hard. if you were in my place what would u have done different? or what will you do?
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• United States
27 Mar 07
I would have started looking for another job and then spilt the beans to all my employees. These are people's lives you are playing with, it's wrong to hide the fact that they will soon all be unemployed. I worked a second job once. The week before Christmas, at the end of the shift, they told us they were doing away with our shift so we were all out of work. For me it was not a big deal, like a I said it was a second job for extra money for the holidays. But for many of my co-workers it was their only income, I'm sure some of them were homeless within a week cause they couldn't pay the rent. Bet they had a really Merry Christmas, huh?
• Philippines
27 Mar 07
thats really awful... i feel helpless that it will probably happen here as well
• United States
4 Apr 07
I would tell one person you know will spread the news around and tell them not to mention you. There for people can start planning.