I want to speak english fluently.

Hong Kong
July 13, 2006 11:41pm CST
Whenever I communicate with any person, there will be a gap while speaking. U know I am forgeting words in between. I don't know proper words to use in between. I will think and speak. Other wise sometime when I speak I really don't know why continously I will be speaking with any air gap.How ever I went for a soft skill training. Then also i can't improve my speaking capability. I except any one will help me
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• United States
15 Jul 06
One possibility is to get books on cd format. Things from basic novels to business books. If you study the flow of conversation or speak back to the cd it may make for a smoother style of speaking. You may have trouble verbally communicating but you're writing is well done. Not perfect but easily read and with less spelling errors than many native English speakers! Music is also another idea, get music sung in English and read the lyrics while you sing. Repetition and staying consistant are key. Best of luck to you.
• India
14 Jul 06
dear raji, am also facing the same problem in situations, just try to speak quite slowly, i sometimes observed u are speaking fastly, however u slowdown your speech, it automatically will get clear, any way i would like to thank you for using mylot