March 26, 2007 10:20pm CST
here is a true story which happened 2000 years ago in China. see whether you are the same with his mother. once, when Zeng Shen, Confucious' student, a great thinker, went to the district of Fei, a man with the same name there committed a murder. someone went to tell Zeng Shen's mother:"Zeng Shen has killed a man!" " impossible, " she replied. " my son would never do such a thing." she went calmly on with her weaving. After a while, someone else came to report:" Zeng Shen has killed a man". still the old lady went on weaving. Then a third man came to report:"Zeng Shen has killed a man!" this time his mother was frightened. She threw down her shuttle and escaped over the wall.
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• Pakistan
29 Mar 07
yeah it is a very good story but it is not practical
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• Canada
27 Mar 07
Interesting story.
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@happylim (660)
• Malaysia
4 Apr 07
I've heard this story before but is still nice to read it again. I think your English is very good for to translate the story from the ancient Chinese writing to Engligh is not easy.
• United States
30 Mar 07
This is a true story but you can see a lesson in it. The mother had faith in her son but as each person came and told her that her son had killed someone her faith in her son was shaken. Each time a little more. Instead of waiting to find out from her son what had happened and stay steady in her faith in him she ran away. All of her faith in her son had disappeared. A mothers faith in her child should always be strong. One should stand behind their child. Right or wrong the child should always know that the mom is there for them. I am not saying that the mom should make excuses for their child but rather that the child should know that the mom still loves them no matter what. The mom should have stayed and found out first what her son had to say and supported the fact that he had not done this.