Why do people have to be so dishonest?

United States
March 26, 2007 11:37pm CST
I was involved in a car accident earlier this evening and the policeman said he could not determine fault, so now it would be left up to the insurance agencies' claims to determine who was at fault, IF we wanted to turn it in for a claim. The other driver was leaving a parking lot of a bank and a was on a public road turning right, just past the entrance of the bank, where the other driver was. He hit me in the rear quarter panel because he did not stop in time. He tried to make it my fault, by saying that I cut the corner too close. He had moved his vehicle, whici I chose not to do. I am so frustrated because I was on a public road turning right (with my turning signal on!), and I began turning right before he ever reached the stop sign. He told the cop that his truck had only been moved a couple of feet back, but I watched him move his vehicle out of the way so the bank traffic could proceed. Which means he backed up then cut it right to get out the way. For it to be my fault, as he claims, I would have had to hit the median between the bank's entrance and the road onto which I was turning onto! All he had to do was be honest with the officer. The only witness to the accident didn't even stop, but nearly broke their neck looking! I am feeling as though I am quite screwed! What do you think?
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