The Importance of Music in the Lives of People

March 27, 2007 12:26am CST
What makes music very important in the lives of people? Does it give any sense to us? Music captures the heart especially lovers. It serves as the song of our souls. It motivates our slumbering soul into an energetic spirit. If you are inspired, you can make a poem or even write stories, portrait a picture or even compose a music. The moment you considered yourself as a music lover, it doesn't mean that you will just stick to only one type of music. Love every beat, every composition and every sound it produce for music is universal. I would agree to that. Without music, there is emptiness in our hearts and I don't think everything would be wonderful. Let us reach to others in a form of music, heartaches, achievements, victory or even happiness. I guess, everybody loves music. It depends to their taste. But for me, music is a gift. A gift that God has given to talented person who knows this stuff. What about you? What is music to you?
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27 Mar 07
i do like my music and it is a must do in my every day life it changed my mood depending on what i am listening to music to me is just a pleasure and ithink it depends on the type of music gives out a different meaning to people. when i listen to it, it makes me feel more happy and makes a day better for me, it has many different effects like, mental and physical pain, relaxed, happy, sad and so on still its my life thank god for music.
@lilaclady (28240)
• Australia
27 Mar 07
Oh yes music can set your mood, it can relax you and it has even been known to bring people out of coma'sI think Music is so much more important in our lives than we think.