music and songwriting nowadays

@Tomcat27 (112)
March 27, 2007 12:58am CST
everytime i turn on the radio, i hear new songs from new artists both local and foreign. some have meaningful lyrics, but most of them are meaningless and makes no sense at all. and ironically, it's a chart topper! so where does the problem lie, the songwriter or the listener?
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@addy4u (86)
• Pakistan
27 Mar 07
There is no problem because the songwriter want to earn money and the listener want to enjoy. If song writer don't write the song then where we get the enjoyment. Thats why they write songs and we listen songs.
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27 Mar 07
i dont think there is any problem with any of them to me a sont that dont mean out is just as good, its not like we are mission out on meaninful songs, think about it most songs are about love, there are millions of lyrics on the same topic. lyrics that dont have a meaning are different ane new bringing us a song that is good to listen to music is changing and so are people. now my head has gone blank :/ nar there noproblem with it or us just look forward to new songs have a good day.
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• Philippines
29 Mar 07
Let's go back to the 60's my friend. For all the years that you've known me, my basis of good music in terms of lyric quality and optimum sound creation I always dig the past. Yes, artist today are creative but why does the music of the past still reign? It is because, people think deeper and they give their 100 % effort to make their music lovable and enjoyable to listen and that's the secret of them being timeless. Here's a story, when John Lennon was recording Tomorrow Never Knows, he requested George Martin to make his voice sound like a Dalai Lama shouting on top of the mountain. What they did is to record John's voice and rerecord it by recording the same part using a lessy speaker to emulate a distorted sound of a man shouting in a higher place. Going back to the topic, I was just explaining the hardships and dedication of musicians from the past. In terms of lyrics, the Beatles and other bands have meaningless songs, they wrote songs sometimes so deep and people don't get it and it becomes meaningless. There is no difference in song writing, what is different now is that music can be done easily and technology sometimes destroy a musician's imagination. Listeners are there to listen and I guess I don't see any problem with their choice. We as musicians, it is our duty to give quality music so, in conclusion "Make music that have a high quality lyrics and listeners will follow, Make music with low quality the listeners will might as well follow..." Let us not blame the listeners because they don't make music, let us musicians blame ourselves because we are the one preparing the menu for our dear listeners, the less quality music we make we are making fools out of them. If you take the book away, then the child will never be educated. Listeners, dig the past and compare it to the present. Enjoy! No MUSIC NO LIFE!
@kelly60 (4548)
• United States
28 Mar 07
There are so many great songs out there with meaningful lyrics. It's really a shame that so many of the songs written today seem to have lost this quality. I have really been surprised at some of the songs that have made it to the top lately. Many of the songs have climbed the charts based solely on the music though, and not the lyrics. I will admit that some of them have a great beat. It is too bad the lyrics do not have the same quality as the music. I really cannot say where the blame lies. Music is all a matter of taste so if a lot of listeners enjoy it. I guess the writers will continue to write it. If the writers did not write it though, the listeners would be enjoying what you and I seem to prefer. I personally prefer the music of the 70's and 80's. I wish there was more of that type of music around today.