why is it that its hard to handle a long distance relationship?

@hydz16 (12)
March 27, 2007 1:03am CST
sometimes even if you love each other distance can dissolve that love... =(
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• Philippines
27 Mar 07
that is if the foundation of the relationship is not that strong as expected or one of the couple cannot resist to temptations,therefore love alone is not enough for this kind of relationship, trust, respect and committment should be present for us to handle this type of relationship.
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@cryw0lf (1302)
• United Kingdom
9 Jul 07
If your love dissolves then i doubt it was love, it was most likely infatuation. Things can go very wrong, when one partner is incredibly jealous or possesive when you go out with friends of the oposite gender (or same if you are homosexual), this causes most arguements i find (Personal experience). Also trust, you must beable to trust your partner completely, its hard for everyone because we all have our doubts, our fears of losing the people we love. Distance cant dissolve love, it can dissolve infatuation. If you dont talk to your partner much you should make an effort to because talking to your partner often keeps your love there (or infatuation). I've been in my LDR for about 11months- to this date yes 11months. And its hard, but we're making it, he's a little possesive over me sometimes but i know its only because hes been hurt before and he doesnt want to lose me. I hope you find someone you truely love and your happy with. LDR or no LDR; TRUE love wont die, will only bring happiness. Good luck :) i hope my information was helpful.
• United States
27 Mar 07
because part of loving someone and having them love you, is being THERE for each other. during stressful or troublesome times, even if neither one talks to the other..just having them BY YOUR SIDE, is a form of comfort and caring. not having that comfort and sense of safety, can cause doubt and even a feeling of neglect. even if its not intended that way.