to do or not to do?who is right?

@peisiyi (125)
March 27, 2007 1:16am CST
my mother always told that you should not express your anger to others when your right is not being exercised,and i persist in this priciple as my mother said.untill one day,i begin to doubt whether we should keep silence when this case happened? my laptop computer was suddenly terrible?i scared to pull out the plug,then i called for the computer maintenance departmant to my surprise,they refused to maitain it for the reason that the computer had been out of the maitenance know,how dangerous it is at that time!then i was so angry and shouted to the operator:"if you do not come here and fix it,now i will continous to use the computer despite the possibility of explosion.then he seemed to be a little nervious,and then informed the case to his director,of course,every parts of my computer were changed free of charge and received a sincere apology looking back on the process of the case,i think, the good result flat atributed to my reaciton against my mother's thought.what's your comment on it?do you suffer from similar experience
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