global warming: a serious threat

March 27, 2007 3:32am CST
by the end of this century , scientists have predicted that temperature of earth will increase by 7 degrees. Till now just 0.67 degrees has incresased. This sounds like just a little increment but only 0.67 degrees has shown a lot of changes in our planet. in Bahamas, 90% corals died due to this little increase in temperature. sea Storms has been more stronger and powerful than before as a result dengerous floods and tides has occured in most of the countries. Now think if 0.67 degrees can do such damage, what will do by 6-7 degrees in the future. I think its an invitation to "Apocalypse".
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• Romania
27 Mar 07
If increase by 7 degrees Putin will be really happy because you will spend your holiday in Siberia or Alaska