Did you try to buy yourself a gift for your birthday?

March 27, 2007 4:50am CST
no i havent tried to buy a gift for myself, i just waited if thiers someone wants to give me.
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@Bell88 (370)
• Malaysia
31 Mar 07
No, because i feel it would just be pathetic.
@20031969 (934)
• India
28 Mar 07
no. but generally i buy for others.
• Portugal
27 Mar 07
No I never did that. I don't give much attention to gifts. If I need something I just go and buy it. I don't wait till my birthday to buy it.
@katyzzz (2902)
• Australia
27 Mar 07
I did buy myself two small gifts, yes.
• Philippines
27 Mar 07
Yes... I treat myself for a vacation in HongKong as a birthday gift.. after a long years of working... besides i work hard for it!
@juliefaye (1214)
• Philippines
27 Mar 07
Yes, i treat myself last year for a hair rebond and this year for a new cellphone. After so many years of hardwork, it's nice to treat ourselves once in a while.
• Philippines
27 Mar 07
well..havent tried it yet..but i'm panning to buy something for me.....
• Philippines
27 Mar 07
This is one of those things which I have never done. This is because I do not give any importance to birthdays. If there is something that I want to have, I buy it whenever I have the money to purhcase it. I don't have to wait for any occasion to be able to do it. There is some danger that either the item was already bought by someone else or that I am out of money at the time when my birthday comes.
@camille101 (1027)
• United Arab Emirates
27 Mar 07
Oh yes, it's normal for me to treat myself on my birthday, even on normal occasions. But of course, I don't wrap it, hehe. It's just a one way of patting myself for a job well done for the past year's accomplishment. Learn to love one's self.