Are you a good brother to your sister????

March 27, 2007 6:23am CST
Hi friends, I have no sister but i have seen in a girl friend's house that her her brothers never bother about her. Even sometimes they scold her and many times they dont bother about her. They dont listen to her. What ever difficulties she has she wont discuss with them. She always tells her problems to me and i wondered and asked her one day "generally girls are close to their brothers and they ask them for any help but why you dont ask them". She starting crying silently. I did convince har saying that i wont ask her that thing again if she doesn't like to tell the reason.. After some time she told that she too doesn't know the reason but they stopped talking to her without any reason. Before 2 years they were talking with her but slowly they stopped talking to her. So what could be the reason i asked her. She could not guess.. No big troubles or problems came to her with her brothers but they hate her very much. Even sometimes they insult her.. So what could be the reason??? Are all brothers and sisters when they grow up facing the same kind of problem? Are you a good brother or sister???
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30 Mar 07
Hi, what you have written is true to certain extent till we grow up. but once we separate and lead our lives independently we tend to love our sister more than we did during our child hood. I think it is a kind of " i don't want my sister to hang around with me when i am with my friends." I do not know where do you live but it does matter in terms of relationships. I feel what you have described may be there throughout the world but the intensity and nos vary a lot. The best way for you is to tell the girl that it would change once they are out of their adulthood (or are they already out?) One has to dig deeper in to the problems to find the possible cause and one incident may not reflect a society at all. The social standings, parents treatment towards their children and a lot many things matter in this kind of situation. i am sorry if i have confused you, but u do ur best to help that girl. ramasam
@bowtieguy (5927)
• United States
3 Mar 08
I would like to say yes but i'm not too sure. when I was younger I used to pester my sister becuase I was jealous of her stealing the spotlight from me. Of course things have changed since then but now the only time I ever see my sister is on holidays, so she is not around for me to really be there for her. I do sopose I would be there for her if she ever really needed it, but actions speak louder than words and untill that time comes I can't be for sure.
@Zerzis (558)
• India
14 Apr 07
i am a responsible elder brother rather than a good brother. I love my sister like anything. I fulfil her every need. I give her everything what she ever asks. But i do get angry and scold her when she does something wrong. After all i should teach her whats right and whats wrong. But i love her. Recently i have written a poem for her.. she is my greatest gift.
@varun23 (902)
• India
30 Mar 07
Yes I think I am ! But sometimes I may be very rude to react at my sister , but hey I still respect her !
• Philippines
28 Mar 07
well i think i am and i hope i am coz i want whats best for my brothers and sisters i just wanna see them always happy thats why with all my heart i make them laugh and i hate it when i see them cry i take full responsibility as a brother to them
@kgwat70 (13396)
• United States
27 Mar 07
That is very unusual for siblings to not get along with each other without telling the other person what they did wrong or why they do not like their sibling. That is ashame that they treat her like that. I am thinking maybe they are jealous of her that she has a house. Maybe they do not have a house of their own. Me and my brother and sister get along very well and have had no problems whatsoever. If we did, I think we would talk about it face to face and work things out though. We would not hide how we feel about each other.