Like to slap

@cdparazo (5768)
March 27, 2007 7:00am CST
My 2-year old daughter likes to slap and sometimes when one is caught unaware, it could really hurt. I noticed that children from 1-2 years old really has the tendency to use their hands and that includes slapping. Her older daughter would sometimes cry because she was caught unawares and was slapped (again!) my 2-year old daughter. Before I used to smack my child's hand everytime she slaps me or someone else then tell her that it was wrong. However, I noticed that it doesn't seem to work. So I just tell my daughter over and over again that it's wrong and hold her hand. I also told her older cousins & sister that they have to be extra patient and watchful because she doesn't know yet how to express herself well yet that is why she expresses her frustrations & excitements through slapping. It just never do to smack or slap the hand as what most parents MAY do because the child doesn't also understand yet. If the child would also see you smack of slap their hand, the child may also start to think that what he/she is doing is right would actually start emulating you.
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