day of coincidences--------------------------

@gharinder (2044)
March 27, 2007 7:55am CST
As I discussed earlier last week I was out of city and I have to catch train from another city that was about 60 Km away from my town. It was raining like cats and dogs on the very day I had to leave. I had two options either to reach their by train or bus. My hubby has to travel a lot being an application specialist in Bayer diagnostic division and as usual he was on his duty. I was waiting desperately for him to arrive since if we had to leave by train, the latest train that we can opt for was at about 7:30 pm (the departure time of my train was at 10:00 pm from that city). Due to heavy rain there was even power failure of our house and I had none other option to get ready in candle light. Soon I discovered that my mother-in-law slipped from staircases and had a bad injury on her leg. My hubby at last arrived at 7:00 pm and was wet from head to toe, he changed his clothes but definitely it was too late for us to catch train. So we decided we will reach the railway station by Bus. We took our umbrellas and started walking. To reach the spot from where we had to catch bus we took a rickshaw, we had hardly moved that he declared that the rickshaw was punctured. We had no other option but to move down and wait for another one. After about 10 minutes we found another rickshaw, but our bad luck was not over yet. He too was having some problem which I was not able to understand clearly. So again we were standing along road side. Another 5 minutes passed and at last by god’s blessings we got an auto rickshaw. So after 10 minutes we reached the spot and were waiting for the bus to arrive. It was already 8:00 pm and my hub left 3-4 buses since they were badly crowded. So as time was passing by our anxiety was increasing, at last we were able to catch bus by 8:20 Pm and reached the station by 9:45 pm. The train was late and finally arrived at 10:00 pm. So it really was a day of coincidences when we thought that we might miss the train. I am sure you all must have more or less similar experiences to share.
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