marriage & divorce: why?

March 27, 2007 8:02am CST
at the cross road of divorce or not? wish to hear some suggestions on How will you handle divorce? ... on what grounds will u choose divorce or staying together? Is it money or fear of loneliness biding the two together? or the Child? If the love is dead, plus little sorrow from time to time, should we still stay together because of these other reasons??? Is that so dreadful to be alone, esp a single mother???
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• India
26 Apr 07
marriage word means the combination of two body or guy and both have to do any thing in the combination decision . marriage means love of two combine to form one and both are combine for the whole life but in this world marriage have no meaning as they only thing wrong as they think that they have fun and then close their relationship after that they have a new one but this is wrong because you are changing the meaning of marriage ... in the up comong world no one wanna to marry as the probablity of getting divorce is maximum so why we get married ...............