Do like to pay for yourself if you have a boyfriend?

@soleya (1102)
March 27, 2007 9:24am CST
I would like to know girl's oppinion. Do you like to pay for yourself when you plan to go somewhere? when you plan a trip together?
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@beyonce03 (2331)
• Canada
5 Jan 08
We try to both pay our part when we go to a trip. But I don,t pay half of everything since he's making 3 times more money then me lol When we go to restaurant or cinema, I just love to pay. It's a way for me to thank him for every things he,s done for me and paying :P
@mimpi1911 (25479)
• India
21 Dec 07
No, soleya, I would love to get pampered and would not bother to pay the bills when I am with my BF. I would love to be treated like a princess all through the trip! What about you?
@youless (94247)
• Guangzhou, China
21 Dec 07
Well, if I don't like this boy, then be sure I want to pay for myself. On the other hand, if I like this boy, then I would like him to pay for it. It is not concerning about money. I think it will be nice for my man to pay for me.
@breepeace (3027)
• Canada
20 Dec 07
When my boyfriend and I took a trip to my sister's wedding this fall, we split things pretty evenly. I bought our plane tickets and he paid for the car rental and several nights in a hotel. If I paid for one meal, he paid for the next. If I paid for an attraction, he paid for the meal or the next attraction. It was really nice to do it that way so that neither of us would feel resentful over having to pay more money than the other. The only thing he did one up me on was when we did a little sidetrip down to the states to visit a guy in Mount Pleasant, MI. He has a VISA and I don't, so he paid for the hotel room for the night we spent there. I did buy him 2 new shirts and 2 meals to make up for it though, since I had enough American pocket change to do that much. We tend to split a lot of things here at home, too. He makes considerably more money than me, so he does take on a lot more than me when it comes to our social outings.
@moonke (64)
• Australia
29 Mar 07
I remember the first time i went out w/ my boyfriend he paid for the dinner, the movie etc. After that we just went w/ the flow. if i insisted as to only make it fair i payed. but now that we have been together for so long. my money is his money and his money is my money, so we just go w/ the flow.
@krebstar5 (1267)
• United States
27 Mar 07
When my boyfriend and I went to Disney World this past fall, I insisted on paying for myself as much as possible. I paid my own airfare and my portion of the hotel room and park passes. Then we kinda took turns paying for dinner. I do have to admit that I think he ended up paying a bit more for food than I did because he insisted on treating me a lot, but considering how expensive travel is, I couldn't let him pay for everything. I even took him out for one really fancy meal while we were out there as a little surprise and to celebrate our first vacation together. However, I also think that it is okay to let a guy pay. I know this is going to sound less than feminist, but if a man invites you on a trip that you cannot otherwise afford and then offers to pay, I see nothing wrong with accepting it. Also, if paying isn't going to hit him nearly as hard as it would you, I think it is also okay to let him pay. Just don't expect men to pay in general is my rule. If the guy does end up paying, slurge on a fancy dinner for the two of you or buy something nice for him on the trip. As long as you make it known that you are thankful, it's fine. However, I'm the type who likes to pay if/when she can.