Do the cartoons funny or some like dangerous?

March 27, 2007 9:33am CST
Cartoons are children's nature.Most of the children becomes different before and after wathing a cartoon on the TV.In my youth,we played Japan soccer mangas and play soccer all the day on the streets and try to make the kicks of our heroes.Today's children are some like us.Yesterday,I read a news in national newspaper about a child.4 year old Ferhat throw away his body from 6th. floor of his house after watching a cartoon called Pokemon.Fortunatelly,hi just broke his arm.The answer of the little child talked to the interviewer of a TV is incredibly interesting:"I am Pokemon and I try to fly on the sky".Some children take an example hero as Superman and try to fly like him..What do you think about cartoons role in children's life?Don't you think that they may become dangerous?
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