do you have a loved one in the military?

military patches - many branches of the military are showing there patches
@mrsbrian (1951)
United States
March 27, 2007 10:21am CST
do you have a family member,husband,son or daughter in the military? are they currently deployed? when was the last time they were home? and how do you cope with them being gone?i know many military famlies have a tuff time with there loved ones being gone but i wonder how you cope with it all? family support,support groups,im just not sure how i would handle it not well i dont think. god bless them all.
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@shezah (47)
• Pakistan
27 Mar 07
My fiancee is in millitary and yes every six months he has to go on a course or on an excersize for months n months and i have sit lonely memorising the sweet moments we spent together and wait for his fon calls and count the remaining days of his coming back to me...
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@mememama (3077)
• United States
8 Apr 07
My husband was in the Navy. When people think about deployments, they always think about them going to Afghanistan or Iraq. My husband didn't, he was in a squadron that trained pilots to fight, he worked on the jets. So they did exercises all over the country and in Japan. He was away from home about half of the time he was in. I just got used to him being gone and I spent a lot of time talking on the phone with family to occupy my time. After our son was born, that kept me busy!