Do you imagine what will you do after your retirement?

March 27, 2007 10:37am CST
Many people don't like retirement. Even some people are very upset when they are retired. The situation is they feel lonely and have nothing to do. But I sort of like to retire. Now I am busy everyday. I have to work and work and work in order to survive on the earth. I don't have enough time to do what I really like to do. Those things I enjoying are calligraphy, painting, keeping house plants... So I imagine my husband and I will live in the country after my retirement. We will have a house with a mountain behind which is not big but comfortable. The pension will bring us food and daily necessities. We will keep a dog or two in our backyard. We will be gardeners. Our garden will be beautiful in every season. In the morning, we will climb the mountain after m. In the afternoon, I will practise painting and calligraphy.......
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@gberlin (3836)
27 Mar 07
I agree with you. I am already planning on doing stained glass, painting, writing and candlemaking. I might even do some gardening. I am ready for retirement but I have about 14 more years unless someone gives me a large amount of money! LOL