Can my son become a good eater?

United States
March 27, 2007 11:27am CST
My son doesn't want to eat. It takes such a long time to feed him 4 ounces of milk only. He is almost 3 years old and all he eats are some snacks and little milk all throughout the day. If I am lucky, he will have some rice during the afternoon. He likes eggs but I can't give him that everyday. Please tell me what would make him eat more. He doesn't like fruits either.
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@KissThis (3006)
• United States
30 Mar 07
You really should consult your childs doctor. A couple of days before you take your child to the doctor write down what your child ate and the amount .This will give them something to reference back to so that they can give you the best advice.
@JuliaPan (564)
• Canada
27 Mar 07
Oh, I've met so many moms who are concerned with their children who are bad eaters! Almost every mother complaints about this. Anyway, I think it might be a good idea to consult with a specialist, because kids must get all minerals and vitamins necessary for their growth and development. Good luck!
@rjdreyes (157)
• Japan
27 Mar 07
It's really hard to feed a child on his stage, well i had an experience with my nephew, his 3 years old my sister's son. My sister can't also feed her as much as she could and her son eats snacks. We did consult it to the dietician, and the dietician said, some childs growth on ages 3 yrs old up, experience this kind of problems. Some kids, only eat rice and ounces of milk, might some eating problems. You should consult to doctors and or some dieticians. My sister did was she bought her child a multivitamins and also pediasure, to come back her child eating habits, balance eating of rice and milk. She also did to not anymore buy some junk foods to his child or she just lessen the junk foods. Because it is bad for her child's growth. Try to consult to a doctor first to your child before anything else, it will be the best.
• Ireland
27 Mar 07
My son is the opposite, he loves his food and is only 19mths old. Try not to force him to eat or make a big deal about him eating so much. Put only a small bit on his plate and then ask him if he can finish the plate off, then if still hungry, put some more on it. My son loves chicken nuggets, burgers, pizza etc. I cut thm up into little bits and he sits down with his fork and eats it all. I give him grapes to snack on during the day. He also takes 3 bottles of 7ounces of milk a day and juice/water.