why would anyone pay someone to read something on line?

@arcadian (931)
United States
March 27, 2007 11:29am CST
If I wanted to sell you my advertising package, and I promised you that if you bought it, I would guarantee you would reach a thousand people an hour through me, and hold their interest for three minutes, and I showed you statistics that claim three minutes is all it takes to sell to five percent of everyone you reach, that would be my pitch. How could I back it up? WEll, if I have a high enough price on my package I could hire people to read the ads. I could hire them to respond to the ads (not make sales, just respond). If forums are discovered to be a good way to keep someone's eye on a page flanked by ads, couldn't I hire some writers to flesh out a forum and get it moving along? this is what I'm wondering about. While these sites offer competitive amounts of money- they all have a way of not paying you for a long time, if ever. Using obscure systems for determining the payout, setting limits hard to reach, and paying a month or maore after the fact.., I think that's the bare bones of it. Am I on the correct path here?
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