2007-03-27 Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Carolina Hurricanes

March 27, 2007 11:46am CST
The Leafs need just about every game left. This one especially, as if they win in regulation, they will catch the Hurricanes. I personally, have a bad feeling they are going to choke tonight. They beat the Devils and Sabres when all hope was lost. They ended last season on a hot streak the day after they were officially eliminated, but a game like this, they have to lose. It seems like a trend (I pray that I am wrong). In fact, I'm going to say if they can come away with a decisive victory tonight, they will overcome the odds in the last two weeks and get into the playoffs. If not, then in my opinion, their season ends tonight. What are your thoughts?
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1 Apr 07
It is a good job they won last night March 31st.Here's hoping for tonight April 1st they need it big time.
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