What's Your Most Favorite Memory Of Your Mother?

United States
March 27, 2007 12:58pm CST
When I was about eight years old, my mother came outside one day to watch us play jump rope. She watched for a few minutes and then asked if she could try once. She completely forgot herself in those few short moments. I watched her face change completely and saw the child in her come out. It was the greatest thing! I'll never forget it. What's your favorite memory of your mother?
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@samrat16 (2442)
• India
27 Mar 07
My funniest one is when she was shopping at this boutique and this clerk would not leave her alone. Mom didn't like any of the dresses she tried on, but the clerk wouldn't hear of it. Mom said she would try back the next week, but the clerk insisted on holding SOME of the clothes back for her for when she returned. She kept insisting. Mom finally said "OK". The clerk (who was VERY VERY VERY new there) asked for her name and Mom replied with the straightest face "MARGO". (And her name is no where NEAR Margo". I looked at her with a puzzled face and she gave me the "Don't say a word or you will die in the spot you are in" look. 30 years later, I still call her Margo at times. Another one is when my last child was born. She was 70 years old. I invited her to be in the room when he was born. She was glad to be there, but is very respectful of OUR family unit. (ALmost too much, LOL). So she's standing in the far back of the suite, watching from the bench/dinner table. She is dressed to the nines (VERY VERY VERY nicely). So this nurse says "COME HERE!" to her. She shuffles over and then the nurse handed her my left leg (thigh) to hold back. I thought my mother was going to die. My husband to my right, my mom on my left and she was NOT prepared for that. She was 70 years old and had never seen a child being delivered before, not even her own. It was more fun watching her than taking those dang breaths.
• Ireland
28 Mar 07
I come from a large family and my mum used to hate seeing food wasted. We were all very picky and one day when my brother wouldn't eat his fish, my mum picked up the plate and threw it at my brother. I don't think she intended to hit him with it, as it hit the wall. My brother said, "Ha, ha, you missed". With that, the whole family went into convulsions with laughter and even my mum joined in.
@deesamps (653)
• United States
28 Mar 07
My mom use to work in a bakery. And when our birthdays would roll around she would make us the most awesome birthday cakes ever. Like one year she made me 2 frog cakes and another year she made me a wonderwoman cake. I knew how much she loved me because it took a lot of time and work to make and decorate the cakes. It made us feel special to have our very own cake that she had made with love for us! And now that I have kids I do the same for them. So far, I have made a caterpillar cake, 4 ninja turtle cakes, a superman and a batman cake for my son and I started last year with a Cinderella cake for my daughter. I hope that they feel as special as I did as a child when my mom made my cakes.