describe a rainbow!

United States
March 27, 2007 1:53pm CST
the eyes are one of the best gifts God has ever given us. it is through the eyes that we can appreciate the beautyof the world around us and the people we encounter. my eyes were enjoying the view outside the van one time when i was on my way home to the province. we passed by a small rice paddy and i found a rainbow over it. it was such a beautiful scene that i wished i brought my camera with me so i can capture such magnificent view. after a while, i got tired so i decided to give myself some rest. i was into deep thinking when the view crossed back into my mind. this time, i did not appreciate it. what i saw was a black and white version of the view. it made me think. "How can i describe a raibow to a blind man?" can you please help me out?
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