Player Trades on the Red Wings

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March 27, 2007 2:02pm CST
While I am not an avid go crazy hockey fan like my husband, I do watch and try to keep up and understand the Detroit Red Wings. I personally have been very happy with the new addition of Kyle Calder and Todd Bertuzzi. However, I feel they need to get a new goal tender. I miss Manny Legace. I have to say besides Mike Vernon, Legace was my favorite goaltender. I also was a little surprised to see Jason Williams traded this year. So what trades do you think are coming for the next season? I am thinking that we may see Lang traded. Or at least my husband thinks so.
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@rabi9634 (420)
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29 Mar 07
I agree with your husband. I haven't seen Lang as one of the top players, despite his contributions. I'd imagine that some of the Griffins players that have been back and forth could find themselves being sent off to other clubs as well. The new trades were certainly a good move. Williams was a great player, and I'm sure the team will miss having him around, but what was more important was bringing in a good physical presence. Williams didn't have the capability to agitate like Calder, let alone Bertuzzi. I'll also agree with you on goaltending. I think they need to get rid of both Hasek and Osgood. Hasek is out too often with his groin, and Osgood seems to keep hurting other limbs. Legace was a great goalie, and it was a shame to see him traded. It's ironic that they sent him packing because they wanted someone with 'playoff experience'. Guess that time he spent playing in the last few didn't count. Hopefully next season sees the return of the majority of the team. I'm interested in seeing how some of the prospective players have come along. It'd be nice to add some more talent like Datsyuk and Zetterberg if they're lucky enough to find it.
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29 Mar 07
I totally agree with you. I am glad they have more of a physical presence. It is about time to see us holding our own when the other teams start getting physical.
@heatherc (398)
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1 Apr 07
Manny Legace was one of my favorite players...I supported him from his first visit here when he went from being the goalie who always lost (in LA) to the goalie who couldn't lose (in Detroit). I saw him get a 5-0 shutout on my birthday a few years back and the crowd was chanting "Manny, Manny!" The trades were definitely a boost for the team. They need some grit come playoff time to protect their star players (ie. Pavel and Hank) and tire out the other team in the offensive end. The player that I miss most of all is Shanahan. I am a huge Shanahan fan...down to the keychain, action photo and jersey. I would like nothing more than to see him back in a Red Wings uniform before his career is over...I'm not too sure that that will happen. Hopefully Hank will get back with a game or two left before the playoffs to get into game shape because they really need him...he and Dats are great players apart and almost unstoppable when together.