banning in world of warcraft

@jnetkris (213)
United States
March 27, 2007 5:55pm CST
anyone here play warcraft or used to play warcraft? I used to but unfortunately due to warcrafts notice. I stopped and was really upset. blizzard BANNED ME err.. for some reasons they're the only one who understand and is really false. So what happened next was i search on google on what is this banning blizzard is doin? sad to say im not the only one who experienced it *we are a lot* and i ended thinkin in some ways that they are unfair banning their customers with no prior notice at all & if we email them it took them 3-4 days to reply where is the good customer service with that they might forget that people who play their game are real people, who spent not only money but time & for the fact that these customers helped them a lot to make money.. err anyways enough with my own concerns anyone who can relate to this feel free to respond & by the way, we who were affected by this banning was petitioning & trying our voice to be heard unfortunately i cant paste the address here yet for im still noob =) in mylot *noob commonly used word in WOW_sigh, im not a part of it anymore, but its a blessing in disguise though_yes it is*
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