Coping with anger, hatred

March 27, 2007 6:46pm CST
So when somebody said something you don't feel good about, and it keeps running in your head again and again and you keep telling yourself to forgive, forget, and forgive BIG but the feeling just don;t go away, you want to get rid of them, but it seems like those thoughts have control on their own... what would you do? Ho do you cope with anger and hatred when somebody criticize you for something... You know what, I always thought I understand the cliche; 'People see the world through different eyes'? Yes, No. Until I was criticized for it when all in all it has nothing to do with them in the first place. I felt so offended and sick about it for the following reasons: 1) It has absolutely nothing to do with them 2) I took pride in all that I do 3) I thought I knew what it means by; "Can;t please the world' and I don't, because I felt offended by the remarks. I wanted to defend myself so much or even to talk back, but I'm sure it would end up nasty... sooner or later, I may be so proud of myself to the point that I may despise people, looking down on them, as a way to protect myself from further critisms... and this is not what I want... So I wonder how do you cope with that... share your thots...
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@MoonGypsy (4613)
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9 Apr 07
I say hey, anger is an energy. It gives me energy anytime I am in the face of people who come in 2 my world with stupid, obnoxiou...s, mean, fake, underhanded stuff...just 2 make themselves feel better in their own skin. When I get this's not 2's 2 tell them just where they can put their filthy, smelling, unwanted bag of bull. Why should U do them any favors by just laying down and taking what they have 2 give. U don't feel better because U feel like U have been played out. If U had told them 2 go rotate on a school motto flag, I KNOW U wouldn't have been feeling like that. Don't care about how someone feels that don't care about how U feel. It's a sign of no self esteem. Always think that U R more worth it then them....cause U R. At least U don't go around trying 2 make people uncomfortable....Im mean what kind of person is that anyway...a person who would do that needs their ego broken hard at least 60 times a day. They need emotional pain inflicted on them, so they know not to do it to anyone else again. There R times when U should just say whatever and move on, cause it's in YOUR best interst. But no one said anything about forgive or forget. U can't treat people badly cause U never know who U may need 2 save U from something bad...U wouldn't want the 1 and only person 2 have 2 second guess helping U. So, in short...the are butt heads, U have a right 2 your own feelings (as long as U don't DO anything 2 bad with them)...second, funk them!!!!! (musically, of course) he he he I love being mean....oops..I mean ME.. he he he