What are the advantages and disadvantages of cell phone

March 27, 2007 7:10pm CST
As time passes by technology is growing faster and faster. Now, instead of waiting an hour for supper to cook, I can just put it in a microwave for 5 minutes and it will be done and taste the same. The most important kind of technology in my life is a cell phone. I bring my cell phone with me everywhere that i go and use it on a daily basis. Cell phones have many advantages and disadvantages.
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• India
28 Mar 07
Advnatages..are of course many, the more expensive it is higher is its benefits.. Wirelessly connected to the world. Sepnd your time with FM, Music player, Net surfing... Oh ye...Playing games too.. Get snaps if with GF or family catch the moments of life.... Alarm clock....calculator, reminders...alerts...messaging...and what more you want... Disadvantage: Don't get addicted...to anything...else pay pay pay.......