your x boyfriend ,new husband and a toddler

United States
March 27, 2007 7:20pm CST
When i was 18 i had my first child with a guy i had been with for 3 years. To make a long story sort things were not so good with us and kick him out of my home and end up with his best friend whom am happly married to .my husband does not think my daughters father should be in her life because he does not help with her at all. ANy time i hear from him he always talks about us getting back together to be a family and i feel so sorry for him because i hurt him really bad i dont how to tell him to move but him and my husband keep going to court cause my x keeps fileing false charges agest my husband and it beens 3 years i just want it to end i dont know how to make it all stop and am scard if i let him take my daughter he wont bring her back home what do i do say to top it of what makes it hard on my husband hes fighting to see hes son
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@Iccara (131)
• Australia
3 Apr 07
thats a very hard situation. the only thing you can do is try to get custody and contact rights for your daughter. that way if he does try to take her the court has a ruling in place to keep both parents happy. You could try and get the court to start with supervised contact. wherre the father can see and spend time withthe daughter but it is under supervision of a carer or social worker. If your x is doing things like making false claims against your husband then you dont know what he will do to your daughter. Keep a diary of when he makes contact, if he pays child support, when he sees your daughter. Also anything that he says bad etc. It will help you in court
@salam1 (1475)
• Malaysia
28 Mar 07
I agree, this is complicated. A solution is possible though. Why dont you pray? pray to God, whoever He is surely He is willing to help!
@judyt00 (3504)
• Canada
28 Mar 07
Your feeling sorry for him is leading him on and he thinks he hs a chance of getting back with you. Sounds to me like you need to develop some back bone, and tell that loser that you aren't going to get back with him, ever, and tell him that if he wants to see his kid, go to court for visitation rights and pony up some child support. get hard, or get used to him being always there, wanting to be in your life.