do you ever felt been left behind by your family?

@m_5ugar (1013)
March 27, 2007 8:17pm CST
my father has died when i was 17. now i'm 22.. i felt that my family didn't love me.. because i'm to close with my father, when he died, i felt so sad.. and didn't get any loves from my family member
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@tinamwhite (3255)
• United States
28 Mar 07
I am so sorry to hear about your dad, m_5ugar. But what you are feeling is quite normal when someone this close to you has passed away. Grief over the a loss like this is completely normal and may take a long time for you to be to deal with.....but you will have to learn to do that. You are lucky in that you had several years with your father and therefore, must have alot of good memories...keep them cloe to your heart. Sweetie, you are a very young person, with your whole life ahead of you and so many possibilities out here in this great big world. Try not to allow your family to make you feel bad about yourself....find other people in your life to help be supportive through the tough times. This is a loss that you will feel your enire life because of all of the things that will happen to you and you will think "I wish Dad was here to see this"....remembering him lovingly and being a good parent will ensure that you pass along the best of what he has given you. I wish you all of the best.
@m_5ugar (1013)
• Malaysia
29 Mar 07
thanks for the advice tinam.. i try to get busy.. to full my time with something that will not make me think about my dad.. love you dad, you're the best dad ever
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