What is your opinion on this book and movie?

United States
March 27, 2007 8:33pm CST
I think that the book was wonderful, and i think that the movie was great too. However I think that they didn't put as much of the story into the movie that should've been in there. What do you think about these? SilentRose
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• Romania
27 Apr 07
i haven't read the book but the movie is awesome ;)
• India
1 Apr 07
the movie was ok!! to some extent but frankly speaking it was way behind my expectations. I think the book was excellent!!!! it really triggered a lot of imagination while reading it. One thing is sure that the movie is not going to drive anyone to read the book.
• United States
30 Mar 07
I detested the movie. I wasn't expected to be awed to the point of speechlessness, you know? I wasn't thinking it'd just knock my socks off with it's amazingness, but it was not good. In my opinion. I thought it was choppy, poorly adapted, moved to fast... nyeh. I'm sort of a snot, though, I'll admit, but wow. Big disappointment for me, because I*heart* the books. I did not like the adaptation of Saphira's aging process. I was floored by how ridiculous it was. I thought at the very least they could have done a sort of montage to show him raising her, piecing together scenes from the book. But that was soooo random. And I had no idea what they were thinking with that ludicrous embellishment at the end, and the Shade's random smoke-beast. What on earth? There's film adaptation, and there's Eragon. Anyway.. I'm done being a snob for now;-]
@juicemilk (2286)
• Australia
28 Mar 07
I think you have to expect that with movies adapted from books. There were a few things that were changed that I don't think needed to be, for example in the book the King didn't know about Eragon and Saphira at first, and the Ra'azac they weren't created by Durza in the book. ALso Brom was killed by the Ra'azac in the book, but not in the movie. Some of the things it;s hard to understand why they changed them...but I guess they had their reasons :) I also didn't like Arya in the movie, she didn't look like anything I had pictured, plus she didn't even look like an elf! I had to tell my boyfriend that she was one as he hasn't read the books yet