More strange weather

United States
March 27, 2007 8:55pm CST
Sunday we barbequed, the weather was great, low 80s, sunny, summer was here. We got out the patio furniture and the kids pool. Today it is windy, cold, high of 60 degrees, snow flurries in parts of the valley. My poor plants can't figure out what to do, one day they are putting out buds and new leaves, the next their frostbit. How's the weather where you are?
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@info2go (241)
• Philippines
1 Apr 07
From where I am, we also experience sudden weather changes which of course weakens our immune responses and that's not so cool if you ask me, especially when it's hot and then rain pours like crazy and then it's so unbelievably sunny again. Sometimes it's too friggin hot outdoors and sometimes it can rain so hard that roofs from houses just can't help but fly with the wind, lol.. anyway, personally, I don't really the like the weather here, much worse because summer is coming and you'll have to sweat bullets just for walking about 2 blocks from home. Well, it doesn't really matter if I was living near a beach, the breeze, the girls and the view is practically enough to compensate for the extreme weather. But still I consider myself lucky because I don't live in the sand where you can die from an all-day exposure to the sun. I've heard that in certain places, some livestock which are out in the fields all day even go blind because of the sun and all that heat.
• Philippines
29 Mar 07
You are making me appreciate all the more the friendly and kind weather that we are usually experiencing in the Philippines. We have it here either sunny or rainy. Weather gets real bad only when el nino phenomenon strikes us, this is the time when it becomes so hot as no rainfalls will be experienced for months on end. Grasses wilt and even some trees die. The exact opposite is the la nina, where rainfalls occur until disaster strikes because of its ill effects. The highlands get so drenched that mudslides and landslides take place, killing so many people at times.