Keep Fit

a fat bear - a fat bear, but cute, if i am a bear, i want to be fat, but i am a woman, so i should be slim!
@igloo85 (150)
March 27, 2007 9:04pm CST
I get much fater after a cold winter. Before the witer coming, i ate a lot of food, and so call store fat for winter. Food is always delicious, I can't stop to eating it. Now the winter has gone, Spring is coming, looking at myself in the mirror: Oh, my god, is that me? It is difficult to believe. And my friends also think that i have become to much fater, i have to be on diet to keep fit. Then i began to eat less food, go running, and take a walk after supper. I know i will be slim in summer. Hi, my dear friend, have you ever worried about your weight? What do you do when you be fater?
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