How can I help my husband to quit smoke

@george66 (180)
United States
March 27, 2007 9:50pm CST
My husband tried to quit smoke several times. The longest time is 10 months when I was pegenant. Does anyone have good suggestion for it?
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28 Mar 07
i have done it a few times stopping is easy but its just as easy to get back on them when i stopped it was for a few month i just built u my will power and i know the best thing is to stop, its only when i think to myself it just one more cig it all starts agen i gave up using the gum wich i found worked so well its just not the nicest thing to have in your mouth, its just that little help and will power i just tell my self i dont want it and after quitting for a few weeks i did not bother with them even when offered by friends, when you have stopped for a certain amount of time your urge for the goes, you just need to stick it out until the urges have totally gone i know it workes i done it good luck for him have a good day.