do you like attention

United States
March 27, 2007 11:19pm CST
do u like being the center of attention or do u like to be the one in the background...or is it jus the light at times but then u are in the shadows at others
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• Malaysia
24 Oct 08
I am not very concerned to be in the spotlight of others. In fact if it is possible I would be at the background always. I like doing thing behind the camera (as some people say it) and I know I work best when there are less people watching. My talent is writing and really like doing it no matter where I go and what I do I always think about writing. During my college time I used to be the scrip writer for my class theater. And I scored an A for both English subjects which were composition and grammar. But I never wanted to be the actress in the theater. I feel more comfortable just being the script writer.
• United States
28 Mar 07
Really I don't need to be the center of attention. Don't see the need for it. I am perfectly happy in my own little world. It really annoys me when people sit there and have to constantly outshine someone, so they get all the attention. I say just be yourself and eventually the attention that you are seeking will come.