lost in darkness

March 28, 2007 3:02am CST
I feel sad.. don't know why. Something's on my mind and I cant figure out. I feel so incomplete for some reasons I dont understand. I see darkness in my eyes, and I'm floating somewhere in a place I don't know where.. I feel something at this point, something, I need to know.. and this is like something I don't even have to know.. My hands is lost, Im holding this keyboardl.. typing in no direction. What will I do? My hands, It's numbling, my body works without me. My soul is somewhere else I can't find. I don't want to move. I hate losing me in myself...
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@MrSaleh87 (341)
• Egypt
28 Mar 07
Am Sorri of hearing that of ya.... I Think that this world have nothing to make us happy.... war and terrorism and emergency and economic and everything.... People doesn't be as they were in the Past.... I Think That Every thing make us got depressed but as they say we must look to the light and good side of anything to not fall in hole of depressed... cause it will not bac to us by everything.... I wanna ya just stay with ur self and think about the beatiful things in ur life... Remember what happened when ya hanging out with ya and ya laugh and and and.... try to get out of ur mood.... I wanna to tell ya that we can control our self and know when we can got happy and sad when ya must have fun and when we can take any subject serious i Think ya maybe Got What i Mean Peace And i Hope to listen that ya got out of ur mood