"my cat knows when im having the blues..."

March 28, 2007 3:11am CST
That's something wonderful about pets.., (dogs,cats) they show sympathy... they know when your'e having a bad day... my cat usually sits beside me with half closed eyes, and stays there the whole time. Its really sweet...
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• Turkey
28 Mar 07
One of my cats knows when I'm feeling a little down, he'll always come and sit with me, purr and pummel my lap, my shoulder or my leg whichever is closest and available, this always makes me laugh, then he'll look at me and you can just see the smile on his face.
@melody1011 (1664)
• India
28 Mar 07
My doggies never leave me when i'm alone at home. They just come and sit all around me and follow me whereever i go. I got a pretty big house so its like the pied piper and the rats. Where i go they follow. But i just love them so its no prob even when they get underfoot
28 Mar 07
Moomin the cutie cat - Moomin the cutie cat, always there for me
My lovely cat Moomin always knows when I'm down and low. She comes and sits with me, talks to me, plays with me and keeps me company. She always knows when I need a friend, when I need a cuddle and when I need her love.
• United States
28 Mar 07
cats are wonderful for that,aren't they? mine will sit next to me and lick my face,or purr. sometimes if that doesn't work,he flops down and rolls around until i laugh. they always know:)