I Found A Better Way To Make More Money Than On Mylot!

@Rozie37 (15503)
March 28, 2007 3:18am CST
I am so tired of seeing this headline at the beginning of peoples post. I will admit that I have click on a few. I mean, who doesn't want to make as much money online as possible. But all I seem to find are dead ends. I think the people who post this stuff on Mylot, do it just for the referal money on these other sites. It is insanity for me to continue to click on these links when it always seems to be the same story. "We will pay you to complete offers." What it should say is, we are getting paid to lure you into a trap by the companies who make you offers for things that you have to pay for even though you goal for signing up was to MAKE money. These are things we know that you don't want, can't use, and will wind up to confused by the end to know that you're getting any way. You can spend six hours filling out offers, just for a candy bar. When it is all said and done, that is the only thing you don't get in the mail boxes. The first thing that they want is an e-mail address. Then they want you to confirm it, so they can sell it. Then they tell you that you're getting a free plasma t.v., laptop, or some other impossible dream and we fall for it every time. Then we sit there for hours filling out the same offers we got the last time we got sucked in. By the time we realize that we were fooled again, we have gone to far to give up hope now. Then finally, in frustration we click off all 50 pages we have encountered while doing the same thing again. Then we spend the next year are so getting crazy e-mail offers aqnd more junk snail mail than the law should allow and all because we followed a bad link on Mylot. I am not saying to stop searching for more ways to make money and posting them, all I am saying is come up with something original that really works and pays.
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@applsofgld (2506)
• United States
29 Mar 07
To be perfectly honest with you, I almost deleted your discussion without responding to it, but read on for a few more lines. I too am so tired of seeing discussions posted about making money elsewhere, and mylot is unfair, I lost my money, whatever. I like to read and respond to discussions about everyday topics, topics of importance, things that I can relate to or that can help me or someone else. I have learned so much since joining mylot. But when I see the discussions about earnings, unless they are a legitimate issue and not a whining issue, I don't read or respond to them. Now, what would be helpful, is for some to post about sites that are a waste of time or sites that sucker people into thinking they are making money. That I would be interested in reading about.
@zipzipzop (419)
• China
28 Mar 07
if the way about earn money is just e-mail or offers, i wn't do it. i think they are all scams. i don't believe it will give us real money. if we are good at writting, why don't we write any articles to earn more money. As i know, a quality review can earn 1.5 dollor in reviewstream. Some other sites give 5-100 dollors for pre review. so why do we try that?
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@MrSaleh87 (341)
• Egypt
28 Mar 07
I Think that we all found Better way to found or Make Moeny Than MyLot.... I Think All Which Work On Forex Know That thinking getting Moeny on Mylot Is just kidding we are not need 10 or 20$ but it's not problem to enjoy talking and get the moeny and put it in Forex or buy Segarite lol anyway god with ya