300 movie. How do you find its graphical quality? Any similar movie quality?

Brunei Darussalam
March 28, 2007 4:13am CST
In my opinion, 300 movie is the best quality I've ever seen. Its graphic is so realistic along with its video filter effects. The sound is so 'boom' (unless if you watch it on cd). The next best movie that I adore for its graphic qualities is Ghost Riders. So, any other movies that you find really realistics?
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@Phlamingho (7831)
• Denmark
28 Mar 07
Yeah both movies you mention are made really well, but I think that goes for most modern movies. Special effects are getting better and better every day. Soon we wont be able to tell what's real and what's not... Well actualyl I guess we are already there!?
• Brunei Darussalam
28 Mar 07
I agree with you wholeheartedly. In fact, even an underground home movie maker can already make their own quality video. Have you heard about a home video made somewhere in thailand that a granny can jump from a high building to another using green screen effect? I really have to be grateful being in this period of generation. I was thinking to make my own Matrix-like video. But no budget for the moment tho...
@besthope44 (12145)
• India
29 Aug 10
Well its a excellent movie and i loved the graphics and story. Its beautifully done and extraordinary movie.
• India
3 Sep 08
great quality.. 300 is an absolutely terrific movie. the attitude, the valour the spartans display send a chill down my spine. so much to keep their honour. they challenged and even demured a person who projected himself as god. i think they were bogged down by the wrong priests who just had no respect for these warriors. my personal favorite line in the movie when the king says : SPARTANS NEVER RETREAT!!!!!!!!!!. the greatest sequence when the king as a young lad fights the beast and also , when he kicks the intruder into the well..
@ashik729 (29)
• India
1 May 07
Movie 300 was damn cool.. I loved it, with all it's realistic effects... The story is really historic too, I beleive...
• Australia
12 Apr 07
hey i just can't help but being mad about this certain "arnboy"...of course everyone is entitled to his/her own opinions, but i think he went overboard on this one....here's what he said.... 3. arnboy (326) 5 days ago It's a sick movie. Too much violence, its like those sick video games. It's also full of error's (plenty of fiction) if you compare it with real history. The hero looks like Osama LOL, talks like Osama and his acts are like Osama.LOLZ Also, it shows child abuse in a positive light ( in the beginning they show small boys being thrashed as training techniques). It's such a sick stuff that they show child abuse and try to make money out of it. Even worse that people who say that its good. The Spartans are showed like very good people. Whereas, as per history they just knew nothing other than fighting, they abused slaves (Helots), responsible for destruction of democracy in Athens. In other words they where pretty close to Taliban no wonder their king Leonidas (looked like a frustrated guy who has never seen happiness in life), he actually resembles Osama.:) -END- that's what he said on one of the forums...i already replied that i should just ignore him, but i just can't...i'm really bothered by what he said...specially when i really appreciated the movie... guys what do u think, should we just tolerate narrow-minded person like him? he's getting on my nerves...REALLY... it's ok if anyone wont back me up on this one, i've given my point, i'll just let what "ARNBOY'S OPINION" speaks for what kind of person he really is....
@ILANEDRI (1922)
• Israel
29 Mar 07
I downloaded that movie few days ago, and I still haven't watched it. Now I can't wait to watch because of the high recommendation that I see here. I hope that it's realy a good movie as you said.
28 Mar 07
desperately wanna watch this muvi..