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March 28, 2007 7:11am CST
Hmmm money who doesnt want to have more of it....all the time. I try to earn in whatever time that I have available but find it difficult to do so. Some friends of mine have gotten into MLM, and they say that they are making a lot of money there....well I really dont know, because in the MLM that they are in they have to invest money as well and that is where I have a problem. I dont want to invest money in schemes like this. work....I dont mind that but invest in something that sounds risky,,naaah.... tell me what about you guys.
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• United States
8 Apr 07
I am with an MLM company right now! I have tried others and never really got anywhere with them because I am not good at selling a product. With this new company it is more of a service than a physical product being sold. Everyone is trying to market on the internet and this company sells marketing tools for doing so. MLM's are never easy and have gotten a bad reputation because of all the false pitch's that are put out there, such as earn $5,000 in a month, or earn $700 a month doing almost nothing. These almost always are exagerations. People can definately make huge amounts of residual income with alot of work and dedication, but not overnight.
8 Apr 07
I think it takea a lot of research to find the right MLM product that you can work with. I am partly disabled with epylepsy and ostio, so I find it difficult to go out into the normal working field, so I do a couple of the MLM programmes to fill me neeed for something to do, although I dont make that much at the moment, I feel good because I have earned something. I am working with one to do with the lottery here in the UK, now I get my draw tickets for the UK and Euro lotto draws put in for free, this is because I have got 5 playing initially and since then I have introduced others and now get also a good commission for my efforts. I also work with an entertainment company that is in prelaunch, and this has been free for me to join, with the option of a lifetime VIP pass that has cost me very little which will enable me to take up on several things that the company offers in the way of training and other needed things to get the best from the company. With running these two programmes they have given me something to be focused on and given me something to do durring the day, plus in the event that I do have a siezure I can take as much rest as is needed, so I am not upsetting any employer with time off. So they suit me! But as I say you need to research things before going into them. Lynn-Marie
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• Singapore
28 Mar 07
Hello my friend, the concept of MLM has already got a bit old. Quite a few years back, it was the golden period for MLM when it was still a new concept and people are slowly jumping onto the bandwagon. By now, practically everyone would have been involved or would at least know of people who have been involved with MLM. To make it in MLM, you need to be willing to go all out to woo customers who may include your family and friends. It is like selling insurance of old days - except that the product is now whatever your MLM company is marketing. Unless you are consuming/using the product yourself already, I would urge you to think twice before jumping in. Not because it is something bad, but because the success rate is really very low. There are people who make it really BIG in MLM but sad to say, they are typically in the minority. If you really want to succeed in this field, you must put aside your pride and be willing to learn, and invest serious time and effort to excel. If you are willing to do this, go ahead and try. I wish you lotsa successes. ;-)