early childhood - Generosity

March 28, 2007 7:48am CST
Observe a group of parents and two-year-olds at a play ground. Inevitably you will hear the parental command to share your toys. It is popular attempt to instill generosity in very young children. Although toddler - Twos are self-willed and subject to tantrums if they do not have their way, they are also at the imitative stage.Hence, the playground is important as a social setting. By observing other children at play, and playing near them, two-year-olds begin to learn that giving results in receiving. By sharing their toys, they reap praise from their parents and get the loan of someone else's toys. They learn that this the acceptable way to behave. generosity is related to identification with the parent who is warm and affectionate. Fathers of generous boys are also perceived as sympathetic and comforting. They are models of altruism and compassion too. The child interprets these qualities as expressions of genorisity, high levels of genorisity are related to a strong sense of independence and maturity and an identification with adult behaviour.
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