early childhood - development and self and ego

March 28, 2007 7:58am CST
Three to six is an ideal period for the germination of self and ego, when parents are in the best position to augment their children's sense of self-worth. Children who attain positive self-feelings are better equipped to function comfortably in the larger world than those who do not. It has been found that when children have positive internalized standards, they are less vulnerable to peer pressures. Yet some children may not develop confidence in Sheri cognitive abilities when they enter school, which may be due either to inadequate stimulation or expectation in the home or preconceived teacher attitudes. The following are some suggestions for building ego and a sense of self-worth in young children. * Provide consistent, warm, responsive care. * Exert firm but reasonable discipline. Establish schedules that includes regularity in eating, napping and sleeping times to enhance physical and mental health. * Welcome your toddler's participation in household duties.
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