How do you choose your friends on Mylot?

United States
March 28, 2007 9:10am CST
How do you choose your friends on mylot? Do you go by the number in their star? Do you notice the way they answer questions? Do you choose people who have answered your questions a few times?
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@crackhead (1826)
• India
28 Mar 07
Hmm nice discussion. I choose my friends based on the dicussions they start and the way they respond. It's mainly the concept that attracts me and how they react to that concept. If i feel they are discussing some thing valuble i will go ahead and add them. Offcourse as of now i have few friends whom i dint select on this basis and dont mean that they don't give good responces or start good discussions. Just to give a head start i added few of them. When ever i come across any good discussion i will go ahead and check their profile for their earlier discussions and will come upto an idea and them based on my interets.
@KarenO52 (2951)
• United States
28 Mar 07
So far, I've only got a few friends who have asked to be my friend. I guess as I get more, that will change, and I will request friends who have similar interests. I'm not sure what the number in the star means, so I don't pay attention to it.
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@brokentia (10396)
• United States
28 Mar 07
Well, having suffered my star falling from a 10 because there were people that did not agree with my opinion...I do not look at the star. But if the star is a 1 or a 2...of course I would question the quality of that person. However, I mainly look to see if that person responded to my discussions. If the person did not respond to any of my discussions...what made the person request friends with me in the first place? Sorry, I would rather know why a person wants to request friends. I also read that person's responses to my discussions. If the response is of good quality and the person truly puts forth effort into the response, I can see becoming friends. But if the person gives me one word or a one liner...I do see our friendship as something I would enjoy. Friends are that...friends. Not people that make you the most popular person. Yes, I have a lot of friends...but I can also tell you quite a bit about each person. :)
@Angelinka (1411)
• Italy
28 Mar 07
Actually they choose me!i never send friend request...well,only a few times i did it..but i allways accept invitation to be a friend...i am answering to their discussions and make friendship in this way...